David Osio’s Company Decides to Offer Services through a New Mobile Application

David Osio a business person and a renowned professional in the finance sector. He is the founder of the Davos Financial Group, which is a top financial consultancy company. Mr. Osio has been leading the company to maneuver in both local and global markets as well as make significant profits. His company has created branches in the leading economic cities such as Panama City, Geneva, New York, and Lisbon. David has been focused on ensuring that his company can provide products that can deal with the issues that the firm’s clients face and also offer them a suitable platform for making investments. The professional approaches that he has been using in running his company have enabled it to be recognized as a provider of high-quality services. Davos Financial Group exclusively employs skilled individuals. The firm has been in the sector for a couple of years, and therefore, it can offer top-notch corporate planning, banking, asset management, and portfolio restructuring services.


The Davos Financial Group is made up various divisions, and one of its best is the Davos Real Estate Group. The firm has been providing its real estate solutions for approximately 20 years, and it is significantly recognized in Venezuela and the Latin America. It has been devoted to providing the clients with the best investment plans. The professionals that work for the Davos Real Estate Group are licensed, and they strive to accomplish the missions of customers.


David Osio and the Davos REG’s director recently announced that the company would be offering its clients a new mobile application, which is known as the Davos CAP Calculator. Directors, Gerard González and Pablo Bausili, worked closely with the company’s CEO to ensure the completion of the application. The primary purpose of the calculator will be to enable the client of the business to make predictions on various real estate activities before they decide to venture into them.


The technicians who were hired worked under the supervision of Mr. González. The new application is compatible with both iOS and Android hence, can be downloaded from the AppStore and Google Play. The Davos Real Estate Group has been planning to create more mobile phone programs that can be helpful to the client and an example is the Mortgage Calculator. According to David Osio, the company’s creation of mobile application is essential for it to achieve its mission of assisting clients as they trade in the real estate sector.

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The Life of Dick DeVos, the Rich Entrepreneur

Dick DeVos, born on October 21, 1955, to Richard DeVos in Grand Rapids, Michigan is a man who has his ways with wealth.

His father co-founded Amway, an American business empire dealing in Multi-Level Marketing. As a child, Dick got involved in the family business. By the time he was a grown man, he was already aware of how to successfully run the business. This basic training gave birth to a business magnate of his time.

Dick DeVos’ education started out in the Forest Hill School, a public school. He went to Northwood University for his bachelor’s degree where he studied business administration. Harvard business school and Wharton schools executive research programs beckoned him right after his first degree, but due to the pressure from the family business, he did not graduate. He was however awarded honorary doctorates by Grove City College, Northwood University, and Central Michigan University. The Northwood University also awarded him a distinguished alumni recognition.

Dick DeVos began his career in 1974 in the family business. The Amway Company allowed him to work in several capacities in different divisions. They included the research departments, sales and marketing, manufacturing, and finance.

In 1984, he was crowned the vice president of Amway. He took over the leadership of the company in more than 18 countries and under his leadership, the company witnessed immense growth and expansion. Between 1993 and 2002, he was the company’s CEO. He was very instrumental in distributing consumer goods. All this while, he made Michigan his home.

Dick DeVos was 35 years old when he was made the president and CEO of the Orlando Magic Basketball team. The appointment was upon the acquisition of the firm by the Amway Company. The national basketball association rose above the challenges that it was facing, and the company was able to realize profits within a short time courtesy of his excellent management skills.

Dick DeVos took over the presidency of Amway Company in the year 1993 from his father. It marked his return from Orlando Magic. His incredible leadership and financial prowess saw the company increase and spread to more than 50 countries all over the world.

Amway was restructured in 2000 to produce a new corporation called Alticor. Despite the challenges and the job cuts that occurred shortly after, DeVos managed to bring it to profitability with the help of his brother.

Many people felt Dick DeVos’ generosity. He transformed the lives of those he worked with and those that needed his help. His dedication to work, integrity, and expertise allowed him to excel.


InnovaCare Health Leadership Team Leads Industry

InnovaCare is one of the leading private healthcare providers in the United States and North America. InnovaCare’s core values are sustainability, cost-effectiveness, and fully integrating the power and quickness of today’s technology, with a constant mentality of quality. InnovaCare works with two different primary groups, Provider Networks (including more than 7,500 providers), as well as Medicare Advantage and Medicaid Programs.

Formally, InnovaCare Health provides Medicare Advantage plans and physician practice services for almost 200,000 people. Headed by Dr. Richard Shinto, InnovaCare is based in Fort Lee, New Jersey, and with extensive work in Puerto Rico.

Dr. Shinto was recently recognized as a recipient for the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur Of The Year® Award, and has extensive history implementing innovative, successful strategies to improve healthcare for patience.

Before his role as President and Chief Executive Officer of InnovaCare Health, Dr. Rick Shinto served as Chief Executive Officer at Aveta Inc. Dr. Shinto also served as Chief Executive Officer at MMM Healthcare, Inc. and PMC Medicare Choice, Inc.

InnovaCare is also led by Penelope Kokkinides, who serves as Chief Operating Officer and Chief Administrative Officer. Before serving at InnovaCare Health, Ms. Kokkinides served at Centerlight HealthCare under the title Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer.

Ms. Kokkinides is featured on websites such as Crunchbase, Innovacare Health.com, PenelopeKokkinides.com, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest.

Recently in 2016, InnovaCare Health partnered with local government and private entities in Puerto Rico to implement the HHS Initiative, focusing on implementing alternative payment methods and overall healthcare payment reform, to better reflect quality in the parties bearing the cost of medical services.

One of the worst inefficiencies in modern healthcare on businesswire.com is that the parties making the decisions about whether or not to have procedures are not able to account for the cost of those procedures, and people can end up saddled with immense debt they have no way of repaying, outside of bankruptcy. Thus it makes sense why roughly 60% of bankruptcies in the United States are due to medical bills, making the US an outlier globally. [source]

That’s why it’s so vital that initiatives like HHS be put into action with the likes of Dr. Shinto and Ms. Kokkinides.

InnovaCare announced new additions to the leadership team earlier in 2016, welcoming Jonathan Meyers, who previously served as the Director of Actuarial Services, Medicare and Medicaid at Horizon BCBS; Mike Sortino, who was previously the Controller of Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance; and Ms. Kokkinides mentioned above.

Having recently received a credit upgrade from Standard & Poor’s on their Puerto Rico subsidiary, InnovaCare is truly a healthcare company to keep an eye on.

See: http://www.manta.com/c/mmnthrl/innovacare-services-company-llc

What Everyone Is Saying About Kenneth Goodgame

Kenneth Goodgame is one of the newest members to join the True Value Hardware executive leadership team. Goodgame will replace True Value’s Senior Vice President and Chief Merchandising Officer Mike Clark. The company’s reconfiguration is coming as a result of their major push to rejuvenate their supply chain and bring forth new Destination Hardware stores. But what does Goodgame have to offer?

The answer is a lot. Kenneth Goodgame is a merchandising expert and innovator who has single-handedly proliferated businesses and boosted revenue through the roof. Prior to True Value, Ken served as a General Merchandizing Manager for Ace Hardware.

At Ace, Goodgame’s innovations with the Craftsman line of tools took handheld tool sales from $9 million to $180 million. But, that is not all. Before working for Ace Hardware, Ken worked at Techtronic Industries of North America where he established an amazing turn-around by taking a $2.5 million annual loss and turning it into a $5 million dollar profit. And even before that, he was responsible for growing Newell Rubbermaid to a $490 million value in just 18 months.

Wherever Goodgame has found himself, he has demonstrated an unrelenting commitment to the company he serves. Moreover, he has brought a rare sense of innovation that has allowed his parent companies to effortlessly maneuver through reconfigurations or tough times. As True Value seeks to open more locations through its co-op program, players like Goodgame will need to come up with creative marketing solutions. Goodgame is an established leader, who is likely to avoid common mistakes and money drains which others won’t.

Kenneth Goodgame’s known as being consumer-centric. That means he is always focused on the consumer’s experience. In the past, Ken has focused on marketing such as endcaps, which allow for easily seen displays of products. In this way, he also works well with product developers.

He has repeatedly demonstrated the success of this bottom-up approach to growing sales. For True Value, who will be sinking lots of money into their Destination Hardware stores nationwide, establishing a reliable and long-lasting consumer relationship is key.

Goodgame’s valued input is admired through the consumer hardware industry. He understands the importance of all stages of production and sales. Prior to graduating college with a bachelor’s degree in marketing, he went straight to work for one of the hardware industry’s biggest players, Home Depot.

Nearly 20 years later, he has seen the industry shift this way and that.

Learn more about Kenneth Goodgame: http://www.hbsdealer.com/article/issues-summit-lessons-supplier-relations