Madison Street Capital Advice to WLR Automotive Group

Madison Street Capital is a well-known international banking firm for investment which is committed to excellence, leadership, integrity and both private and public held business valuation. The firm advised on leaseback transaction of $13.2 million for WLR Automotive group, which is a detailing, lube, automotive repair and car wash leading company in the tristate region and Maryland. The senior managing director of Madison Street Capital Barry Peterson and the STREAM capital partners managing partner Jonathan Wolfe conducted the transactions.


Randall S Simpson, the CEO and the president of WLR Automotive group, Inc. noted that focusing on the sale –leaseback of their five locations, the transaction made was of great importance because it has given them an opportunity to raise their capital, access the new express car wash market faster and reinvest. Jacquie Jenkins acknowledged Jonathan Wolfe and Barry Peterson for offering great assistance in enabling them to find a perfect model that has helped in positioning them for rapid growth and also options exploring.


Barry Peterson also added that WLR team and Randall Simpson have had a revenue growth each and every year since 1987 when the Capital intensive industry began its operations. He then added that with the transaction, WLR would continue being in this path through expansion of site with the best designs in the market and innovative systems of management. He also said that the completion of the transaction was due to working along Steam Capital team and Jonathan Wolf.


Madison Street Capital is a premier investment banking firm in the middle market worldwide. It has a professional’s team that has exceptional experience, knowledge and extensive relationships contributing to its growth and popularity.


It is a merger and acquisitions and corporate finance leading provider. The firm has a history of excellence in banking in the investment sector. Madison Street Capital reputation is at its pick and the management is keen to keep it this way.Its headquarters are located in Illinois, Chicago. The banking firm of the middle market investment offices is located in North America, Asia, and Africa.Their aim is to cover and offer the financial services to all corners of the globe.To ensure that this goal is achieved, the firm is advancing at a very fast rate incorporating any possible method to scale the financial heights.


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Historically, federal law prohibited corporations and unions from using their funds in financially supporting political candidates within thirty days of any primary. The law, therefore, prohibited any “electioneering communication” which was defined as advertising in support of any identified candidate on any” broadcast, cable, or satellite.” The concern in prohibiting corporations and unions from making financial contributions directly to candidates was that significant amounts of contributions would have a corrosive effect on the political process, with a tendency to corrupt individual politicians.


David N. Bossie was the president of the non-profit corporations, Citizens United and Citizens United Foundation since 2001. Citizens United produced documentaries that were critical of Hillary Clinton. Bossie was mindful of the statutory restrictions, in which the Federal Elections Commission could seek both civil and criminal penalties against Citizens United, for making corporation contributions to support or defeat individual candidates.


Anticipating a legal action, after Citizens United released a documentary critical of Senator Hillary Clinton, Bossie sought protection from the courts. He argued that the statute restricting corporate spending was unconstitutional and violated Citizens United First Amendment Rights rights to free speech. The Supreme Court, jumping through some legal hurdles, held that the free speech rights of Corporations would be violated and ruled for Citizens United.


Under the ruling of Citizens United, corporations and unions made unlimited contributions. As a result of Citizens United, those contributing to Super PACs need not disclose their names and affiliations. Thus, small groups of very wealthy individuals had an extraordinary influence over the outcomes of elections. Billions of dollars were raised and paid to individuals as candidates for the 2016 election season.


While Democrats funded their Super PACs, Republicans, being better prepared, substantially benefited from Bossies’s decision to open up the stream of funds, which helped many Republican candidates. However, in 2016 a political action committee, End Citizens United PAC, a committed group of Democrats, has raised at least 11 million dollars with the projection of raising up to $35 million dollars for the purpose of electing Democrats in the next two and four-year cycle of political campaigns.


Up to 100,000 people contributed to the PAC for the first quarter of 2017. The interest in ending the impact of Citizens United drew at least 40,000 individuals who gave at the average of $12 each. The goal is not only to elect Democrats but to defeat Citizen United with campaign finance reform legislation.


Just around the corner, on April 11, 2017, the first test of the Trump effect is in two special elections. End Citizens United has been at the forefront in the donation which produced $500,000 to fund the congressional campaign of Democrat Jon Ossoff, a novice political candidate in Georgia.

Fact Check: Squaw Valley Water

Olympic Valley, CA – Since November the stunning Squaw Valley Alpine resort has been garnering attention, not for the amazing skiing, but for their water. Squaw Valley prioritizes safety, down to the last detail. In this case, that detail was the drinking water. The shutdown of water on the upper mountain resulted from health safety concerns regarding the water system serving High Camp and Gold Coast. While much has been made of the resulting restaurant closures, the fact remains that this step was taken to protect the public, and Squaw Valley is to be applauded for their proactive approach to the issue. No unclean water ever reached the public. Here’s what happened:



  • Over the summer crews completed new construction and upgrades to the water systems on the upper mountain.
  • Heavy storms in October dropped record amounts of rain, inundating the area with excess surface water.
  • Procedural protocols initiated routine water quality tests to check for possible contamination.
  • When results returned positive for possible coliform bacteria contaminants (E. coli is a coliform-type bacteria), water use was disengaged, and public health officials were informed.
  • Water quality experts confirmed that the issue was isolated to the one system, and that the rest of the resorts systems were unaffected.
  • Treatments to remedy the issue began immediately, bottled water was made available, and the fabulous skiing continues as usual.


Squaw Valley is committed to continuing the restriction of full-service water usage until they can be sure that there are no further issues. Their investment in improving water quality and safety is evident in their openness about continued treatments and testing. Squaw Valley Public Service District and Placer County Environmental Health officials have been working together with resort management to take the necessary steps to correct the issue and ensure that all the water is safe to drink once again.

Give Your Lips An All Natural Beauty Products That Promotes Restoration

There are thousands of women that are looking for an organic lip therapy that won’t threaten to strip their lips of its natural luster. EOS lip balm products are known for their rich blend of jojoba oil and shea butter. These all natural ingredients have been used for centuries to repair dry skin. They provide an organic blend of the perfect ingredients that leave your lips feeling silky smooth for your very first application. You can have the same ultra-smooth lips that you admire from the industry’s top professional that includes Miley Cyrus and Kim Kardashian. That’s right, EOS lip balm products have the ability to protect your lips from UV rays and the minor damage of smoking.

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Omar Boraie: 40 Years And Still Going Strong

Real estate developer Omar Boraie came to the United States from Egypt to study chemistry. However, while studying for his Ph.D. in chemistry at Rutgers University in New Brunswick, New Jersey. After purchasing his first home Boraie discovered that he was much more interested in pursuing a career in real estate. A career that is still going strong more than forty years later.

According to NJBiz, Boraie entered the real estate market in the early seventies when downtown New Brunswick like many urban areas had fallen into disrepair. While others saw hopelessness, Omar saw the possibility of a vibrant New Brunswick. Omar Boraie is a humble man who is often credited as being the catalyst for the revitalization of downtown New Brunswick but he does not hesitate to share the credit with others who shared his vision for the city. Today New Brunswick continues to thrive and attract businesses.

Omar Boraie founded Boraie Development, LLC in 1986. The company develops, manages and sells commercial and residential properties in New Brunswick and other urban areas in New Jersey. Most New Brunswick officials scoffed at Boraie’s ambitious plan to build a modern office complex on property that he owned on Albany Street near the New Brunswick Train Station. Despite the skepticism, the plans were approved. Tower I at Albany Plaza opened in 1988 and has been the location of Boraie Development’s Offices ever since. Tower II opened in 2003. Together the towers provide over 250,000 square feet of prime office and retail space. Tower III is currently on the drawing table.

Some other projects that Boraie Development has built are the One Spring Street Condos in New Brunswick and the One Rector Street Apartments in Newark. One Spring Street opened in 2007. It has 25 stories and remains New Brunswick’s tallest Building. The mixed-use complex features 121 luxury condos as well as office space, retail space and a large parking garage. One Rector Street is a joint project with NBA star with NBA great Shaquille O’Neal. This property is the first residential high-rise built in Newark since 1960.

Omar Boraie has also been recognized for his philanthropy. The former chemist has a strong interest in cancer research. In April 2015 Rutgers University announced the establishment of the Omar Boraie Chair in Genomic Science. The Chair was named in Boraie’s honor after he made a 1.5-million-dollar donation to Rutgers Genomic Science Project on behalf of himself and his family. Source: Rutgers The endowment was matched by an anonymous donor and will help support genomic cancer research well into future. Omar Boraie is also a board member of Elijah’s Promise an organization that helps feed the homeless in New Brunswick.

At 73 years young Omar Boraie shows no signs of slowing down. Boraie Development, LLC currently has projects in progress in New Brunswick, Atlantic City, and Milltown New Jersey. With Omar Boraie as its driving force and several major projects on the drawing board, the future looks bright for Boraie Development, LLC.

Mike Heiligenstein Voices His Opinions On Improving Transportation At The Williamson County Growth Summit

The Annual Austin Business Journal’s Williamson County Growth Summit was the place to be when it comes to formulating the most efficient solutions to the problems that the people face in the city of Austin. Every year, the summit sees some of the most distinguished faces from the city, who come forward and talk about the various aspects of improvements that can be implemented in the town of Austin.

This year, the summit particularly revolved around the problems of transportation that the town is currently facing. Talking about these various issues were some of the most esteemed people in the transportation industry.

The primary focus of the summit was the panel discussion which was headed by some incredibly well-known individuals who have lots of knowledge about Austin City and the problems of transportation that it is facing.

The panel had individuals who were coming from various sectors within transportation such as Leandre Johns who is currently the Uber Technologies Texas External Affairs Director, Joseph Kopser the founder and current head of RideScout and Jared Ficklin of Agro Design.

Another noteworthy member present at this discussion was Mike Heiligenstein, one of Austin city’s pioneers in the transportation business. All of these panel members shared their views on different aspects of transportation and offered their insight into helping the city tackle these problems.

When Mike Heiligenstein voiced his opinion on the various matters of transportation, his solutions were practical and came from a man with a tremendous amount of experience. Austin has a growing population with people all over Texas coming here in search of a better lifestyle.

With more people, the number of cars that are moving on the streets of the city is increasing. However, the current infrastructure isn’t enough to cope up with the growing population of people and cars.

According to Crunchbase, Mike Heiligenstein, therefore, stated that to address this issue, the city needs a revamp of its infrastructure with at least eight lanes on each road to solve the problem of excessive traffic that the town is currently facing.

Mike Heiligenstein currently works at the Central Texas Regional Mobile Authority of Austin, Texas. At the CTRMA, Mike Heiligenstein serves as the Executive Director and handles all the operative matters of the organization.

Through this organization, Mike Heiligenstein has been part of some projects for the betterment of the system of transportation. He has also been involved with the project that revamped the toll booth system in Austin.

A Guide to Nationwide Title Clearing in 3 Minutes

Nationwide Title Clearing, Inc. is a Florida-based company that was founded in 1991. It provides the following services.


  • Auditing, investing, residential mortgaging, mortgage lending services in the United States.


  • Documents services such as research service, document retrieval, assignments and lien release.


  • Reports such as job verification, tax reports, claim verification, audit reports, and other reports.


  • Remediation services and other collateral files audit.


  • Others


Although other similar companies are offering the same services, Nationwide Title Clearing has continued to outshine its competitors.


New offices in Dallas


Even though Nationwide Title Clearing (NTC) is still one of the largest provider of post-closing services to investors, financial companies and services, they announced that they would be extending their offices to Dallas, Texas. These new rooms will include a new data center. The office will be state of the art and will be a full disaster recovery center for all data, staffing as well as infrastructure. In fact, Scotty McEntire who is the new chief information security officer will be heading there to lead the new site.


According to the CEO John Hillman, the new facility in Dallas will allow the company to cutover notices without taking time, data loss, possibilities, or staff having to stay working fully. He added that together with the team they are working hard to make sure that their customers will not even notice when anything goes wrong. Their service provision will always be top notch. The new facility will ensure their data is available even when there is a fault with the staff.


The company will also help in dealing with work overflows that might result from much file work, online searches, and changing volumes to accommodate staff because of data entry. This is in addition to business continuity and disaster recovery; more than one hundred and fifty workers will be working in this facility. The company hopes the new office in Dallas will look like the one in Midwest.


The company stated that they have been working hard every year to ensure that palm harbor where the company is based is impacted positively. For this reason, the company has been recognized for its continued philanthropy involvement, providing a conducive environment for work and much more. They have won many awards for this.


For more information about this great company, visit their website or contact them via a call. Both of them are always operational.






Bruno Fagali – Top Rated Lawyer In Brazil With Extensive Experience In Compliance And Administrative Law

Bruno Fagali is one of the most experienced attorneys in Brazil with a very extensive educational background. He has represented some of the top companies and high profile public figures in Brazil. Bruno Fagali is specialized in administrative, civil and compliance law. After working as an intern and an associate partner at many reputed law firms in Brazil, he finally opened his firm, Fagali Advocacy. Bruno Fagali also serves as the corporate integrity manager at Nova/SB Advertising Agency, which is one of the most noted advertising agencies in Brazil and provides publicity and marketing services for many top national and international firms.

As a student, Bruno Fagali was a meritorious student and even bagged scholarship during his term at the University of Sao Paulo, a highly reputed university in Brazil. Bruno Fagali before starting in the legal arena as a full-fledged lawyer worked as an intern at several law firms, including Manesco, Ramires, Perez, Azevedo Marques Law Firm and Tojal, Teixeira Ferreira, Serrano & Renault Associate Lawyers.

After working as an intern for several years, he gained enough experience to take on the legal field as a lawyer and started working for one of the top law firms in Brazil, Radi, Calil and Associados Advocacia. It is here he learned the intricacies of client management and handled major cases for the enterprise, and gained the confidence needed to start his legal firm.


Jason Hope Believes Internet Of Things Will Create Safe Cities Of The Future

Jason Hope is one of Arizona’s most prominent tech entrepreneurs. After graduating from Arizona State University in the mid-’90s, he formed his first tech startup, Jawa. Jawa was noted as being decades ahead of the market on a number of things. Its main product line was offering premium content to mobile users. These included ringtones, music and even early versions of video streaming.

All this happened at a time when most people still didn’t even own a cell phone and almost ten full years before the opening of the Apple Store. It is this visionary sense of future trends that has long made Jason Hope one of the foremost gurus of the tech scene.

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The Internet Of Things, Coming To A City Near You

Hope says that these cars will, in the not too distant future, make the perils and frustrations of driving a thing of the past for most people. While it’s not easy to estimate what percentage of total traffic accidents causing injury in the United States are fully avoidable, that is, caused by human error, it is clear that they are a majority, collectively responsible for tens of thousands of excess deaths each year.

Jason Hope sees the cities of the future as being essentially traffic-accident free. This will save billions in medical and property costs and thousands of lives.

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Securus Technologies Program is Easy To Use and Well Worth it

A great tool for communicating has been introduced to us in a world in which technological advancements are undoubtedly taking over the way that we live. Securus Technologies is a form of communications platform that is allowing people to stay in touch with others regardless of the situation that they may be in.


Perhaps one of the unluckiest situations that one can find themselves in is being incarcerated within the premises of a correctional facility. Being incarcerated often closes one off to where they have no way to stay in touch with those who are considered to be on the “outside”. In other words, those who are not in the jail with the inmates. Jail can be quite a lonely place and for quite some time for many inmates. By utilizing the Securus Technologies program, one’s time in jail doesn’t necessarily have to be as lonely as it could be.


Securus Technologies is a state-of-the-art program that has brought innovation to your very own home It allows people to connect with those who are incarcerated through the means of chatting in a video conferencing mode from their own homes in which visitations at the jails are not required. Visiting jails in the form of “visitation” sessions can be quite difficult to conduct as appointment times are often taken up by other visitors.


Securus Technologies turns the impossible to possible as it enables people to schedule appointments within the means of flexible scheduling.  Please contact the help desk as they will be more than happy to provide you with the guidance that may be necessary to make utilizing this wonderful program easier.