Betsy DeVos, Leader in Reforming Education

Betsy DeVos got her passion for being a reformer at an early age. She got involved with politics on campus and from that point on she continued with politics. She has run various campaigns and was chairman for 6 years of the Michigan Republican Party. Betsy DeVos and her husband, Dick, started the firm, Windquest Group in 1989. She is a reformer and is actively involved in education reform.

There are over 250,000 students that go to publicly funded, private programs of their parents choosing. This movement is continuing to grow as it has reached 17 states and the District of Columbia. What sparked Betsy DeVos attention to school reform was when she had small children. At the Potter’s House Christian School, she and her husband watched how parents struggled to keep their children at the school so that they had a safe place to learn and had an environment that kept them involved. It wasn’t long after that when she and her husband began to help low income families. Both she and her husband felt that if they could decide where their children went to school that everyone else despite their financial status could do the same.


Betsy and Dick DeVos’ commitment to school reform came when Dick ran for the position of State Board of Education. Betsy Devos decided then to start a foundation which helps lower income families with scholarships. She actively served on several boards, Children First America and the American Education Reform because the programs wanted to expand the decision of educational choice. She and Dick were involved with the first charter school bill that came to be in 1993. They were unsuccessful in the year 2000 in changing the state’s decision to allow vouchers and scholarships.

Their biggest success was in the state of Florida. This state has the longest time frame in educational choice. Over 50,000 students are attending a school that their family chose. There have also been vast improvements in the state of Indiana and Louisiana. With the program that the states passed, it has the grounds to serve one million students. Betsy stated that with the right people in office this program can be successful from the start of passing the bill until the end where student’s families help them chose a school of their choice. Visit Betsy’s profile page on

Betsy DeVos was handpicked by the President, Donald J. Trump to serve on the 11th U.S. secretary of education. For nearly three decades she has been advocating for children that come from low income families. Her interest stems back to her mother, who was a public school educator. And once her children started going to school, she got more actively involved in reforming education. The premise of her position as Secretary of Education is working with the President to expand opportunities and the best education for all students.

Penelope Kokkinides and Rick Shinto: Guiding InnovaCare Health to Operation Success

One of the fundamental pillars of success in any organization is effective leadership. Over the years, InnovaCare Health Solutions excelled in identifying talented individuals, which it has incorporated into its leadership structure with significant success. One such leader, Richard Shinto who is the current chief executive officer of the company, has played an integral role in the management’s success in steering the company towards operational and financial success.

Before being appointed as the chief executive officer, director and president at InnovaCare Health Solutions, Richard ‘Rick’ Shinto served in several executive positions in various companies. With over 20 years of experience in the industry, Rick Shinto successfully served as the chief executive officer of PMC Medicare Choice. He also held the same position at MMM Healthcare. He previously worked at California-based company, NAMM as a chief medical officer. He was also hired by Medical Pathways Management Company as a chief medical officer but also doubled up as the company’s chief operations officer. Upon joining InnovaCare, Mr. Shinto has overseen significant success at company including expanding the company’s program membership from 7,500 and 200,000. The award-winning executive also has a keen eye for talents, which has seen him hire some of the best talents for the company including Penelope Kokkinides: a two-decade industry veteran. He holds a Master’s of Business Administration degree from University of Redlands, a Doctor of Medicine degree from the State University of New York and a Bachelor of Science degree from University of California, Irvine.

Penelope Kokkinides is a visionary and talented company executive whose ambition has seen her rise through ranks in the industry to become one of the well recognized names in the industry. Currently serving as InnovaCare’s chief administration officer, Ms. Kokkinides has worked at Touchstone Health as the company’s chief operations officer, a position she held at Centerlight Healthcare where she also doubled up as the vice president. As a corporate vice president at AmeriChoice, Kokkinides was tasked with heading the company’s Care and Disease Management dockets. She successfully remodeled the company’s operations. Mr. Shinto and Ms. Kokkinides have coordinated their duties to propel the company’s various healthcare solution programs including Medicare and Medicaid to greater success through increased subscriptions. Visit for more info on Penelope Kokkinides.

InnovaCare Health Solutions: Towards Greater Success

Headquartered in Fort Lee, New Jersey, InnovaCare Health Solutions is a market leader when it comes to provision managed healthcare solutions. The company offers its over 200,000 clients who have subscribed to its services some of the best Medicaid and Medicare services in the larger Northern American region. The company offers high quality and innovative patient-centered healthcare solutions that are aimed at meeting the ever changing and complex medical needs of their clients.

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Mikhail Blagosklonny Forwarding Scientific Thought in Cancer Treatment

In the world of experimental cancer research there are perhaps few people as well known as Mikhail Blagosklonny. His time teaching and writing on the subject has earned him worldwide recognition as one of the most thought provocative and forward thinking scientific minds dealing with the subject. Mikhail Blagosklonny having undergone his studying at the First Pavlov State Medical University in St. Peterburg, continues to bring a world wide angle to the much contentious field of science.

An expert on aging and cancer studies, Mikhail Blagosklonny’s work takes a more provocative approach than his predecessors. Blagosklonny undergoes a very forward thinking experimental approach that seeks to try new scientific methods in dealing with anti-aging and cancer treatments. These approaches are just now starting to become widely accepted as possible treatments that can yield fantastic results for the medical community. While his work is relatively new to the world of medical science, it is incredibly important as it offers new varied methods of study previously untested. Visit ResearchGate to keep up to date with Mikhail’s latest work.

One of the best pieces of material Mikhail Blagosklonny has written is his work on the subject of oncological anti-aging. Considered to be a highly contentious subject manner, Blagosklonny has never shied away from taking a forward thinking approach to his work in the field of anti-aging. Whilst in the medical community it is typically considered taboo to write about such topics, Blagosklonny has taken a huge embrace towards forward thinking. While the nature of being continues to be a contentious subject of discussion, Blagosklonny has been able to handle it in an extremely scientific manner, making sure to document as much as possible in cited scientific journals for his students to study and utilize.

Blagosklonny’s work continues to be imperative towards the future of medicine. As researchers continue to look for new ways to deal with cancer, Blagosklonny continues to present options and challenges that previously were not present for doctors and surgeons to utilize. Alternative treatments always start out “alternative” but through rigorous scrutiny end up becoming widely accepted as actual medical science. It is through the work of Blagosklonny that such treatments are becoming more widely accepted as actual scientific fact, welcome to embrace. Follow Mikhail on Google Scholar

How Madison Street Capital Lent Its Expertise To The Cybersecurity World

The internet has provided businesses and individuals with access to new markets, new information and new social capital in a way that perhaps no other advancement in human history has been able to before it. While steam engines allowed human beings to move people and goods across great distances and the printing press helped redefine the way that information was distributed across a number of societies, the internet has helped to facilitate communication and connections between humans in vital ways. While the world wide web comes with many benefits some might argue that it also presents some challenges to the people and organizations that need to use it especially where security is concerned. The web provides users with efficiency, access to volumes of information that could likely never be contained in any one library and the chance to connect with like-minded people that they might otherwise never meet. However in exchange for access to these things it also exposes and compromises the privacy and security of sensitive information that belongs to individuals and the organizations that rely on it.


As the web is increasingly integrated into the way that organizations ranging from hospitals, retail stores and nuclear plants work security solutions that protect these organizations’ vulnerable digital assets must also be integrated into their infrastructure. This is where businesses like ARES Security Corporation come into play. In order to protect vital infrastructure and organizations that impact public safety ARES Security Corporation has developed solutions like ASSURE Cyber that help keep companies and public infrastructure safe from outside threats. The company is well-positioned to be a leader in the growing cybersecurity market. When it needed assistance in raising capital it turned to Madison Street Capital, a financial services company that is located in the Mid-West.


Companies like ARES Security Corporation are well-situated to provide services that many companies will be in need of in the coming years as hacking becomes more pervasive and businesses and public organizations alike understand how private information can be used to weaken them. That said when ARES Security Corporation represented a lucrative opportunity for an investor that wanted to have a stake in a company that was a strong player in the world of cybersecurity. Madison Street Capital was able to use its expertise in the area of capital raising to help ARES Security Corporation identify a partner that would understand the company’s needs and be able to offer the financing solution it was looking for. That partner ended up being Corbel Structured Equity Partners. The transaction proved that the Madison Street Capital reputation for brokering effective relationships between businesses is real.


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George Soros’ Political Influence

George Soros is the founder of Soros Fund Management. He is worth about $25.2 Billion. He is ranked number 22 on the World Billionaire List.

George Soros Politico

He is one of the most politically influential people around the world. He has been spending his wealth to influence the politics of different countries around the world. His influence in American politics is the strongest by any individual today.

He derives his influence from his $13 billion personal wealth and another $25 billion he controls in Soros Fund Management. Additionally, he has passionate messianic zeal. He is an atheist and one time said he viewed himself as a god, or a great economic game-changer like Keynes, or like a great scientist like Einstein. He said that money is what makes the world go round.

His Roots and Development

He was born in Hungary to non-practicing Jewish parents 86 years ago. Tivadar, his father, was an attorney by profession. In 1936, his father changed the family’s surname to an Esperanto name, Soros.

Tivadar divided his family when the Nazi’s occupied Hungary in 1944. This was done to increase the survival chances during the war. His children changed their names to Christian names and were adopted by Hungarian friends. George Soros sometimes went with his host to confiscate property from Jews and giving them to Germans.

After the WWII, the family moved to England in 1947. He joined London School of Economics (LSE) where he met philosopher Karl Popper. He says he was his spiritual mentor. Soros says he was introduced to the idea of “open society” by Popper’s book called The Open Society and Its Enemies.

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He graduated from LSE in 1952 and joined Singer and Friedlander, a London brokerage company. He then moved to New York and joined the Wall Street as a stock trader. Since he was not planning to settle permanently in America, George Soros planned to save $500,000 in five years, and then go back to Europe. When he joined Arnhold and S. Bleichroeder Inc., he decided to stay in America.

In 1969, he spent $250,000 of his own money to start the “Double Eagle Fund” with a capital of $4 million. In 1979, together with Jim Rogers, they established Soros Fund Management. By 1985, the company was valued over $1 billion and had changed its name to The Quantum Fund. Read his profile at Forbes.

Soros Rises Again

In 2004, Soros spent $27 million in 2004 to defeat President Bush. After that, he went silent and later reemerged in 2016. He gave and promised to donate over $25 million to support Hillary Clinton and other candidates in the Democratic Party. Read this story about George at

His Philanthropy

Soros has many Open Society Foundations that he uses to help other people. He helped Hungary establish democracy. He opened an office in Moscow and spent $3 million in helping countries in Central Asia and those under the communists Europe. His annual expenditure hit over $300 million by 1992. He started the Open Society Institute in 1993 in 1992.

Tony Petrello: An Iconic Personality In Oil Rigging Business

Tony is one of the iconic personalities who with his extensive years of experience are showing his skills in oil rigging companies. Mr. Anthony G. Petrello is presently working for Nabors Industries Ltd as its CEP.

The company is primarily a holding firm and is in operation since October 28, 2011. His experience and education are what made him different than others. He also worked in many law firms which made him multitalented work to work on the different platform to assist a company in a more efficient way.

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Petrello is 57, but his activeness, dedication, and devotion made him different from the younger counterparts of a company. He always says that working in a company is another thing but working for a company is completely different. When you work for something or some achievement, you exert all your potential to achieve that task in the shortest time possible and in the most effective way.

That devotion doesn’t come to anyone, such devotion and dedication are only for the individual who think out of the box and who think for the favor of other not for themselves. That is what makes Tony Petrello different than others. The companies in which Tony had worked, still feels his absence and working hard to get it back but he always said that his devotion would always be for the company he is presently working. So, he respects everyone but always thinks about his company, clients, and his employees and about the ways that he can use to take his company to new heights.

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