How the Copa Star Hospital is Killing Competition

Not good things come from hospitals. This might be the reason why people tend to forget the times they visited a hospital. This is unlike time spent in a five-star hotel. These are moments you cherish and wish to relive again. Despite the bad attitude associated with hospitals, there is a hospital in Brazil called Copa Star Hospital that is out there to change the view of hospitals. The Copa Star is achieving this by establishing five-star services and facilities into its premises. This means that it will become the first five-star hospital in Brazil. During the initial stages, the hospital has realized remarkable success winning the hearts of the locals and patients from the surrounding countries such as Peru, Colombia, Chile, Venezuela, and Bolivia. If the hospital has won over international market, you can understand the competition that exists in the local market.


But what makes the hospital a unique one of its kind? Well, it’s the attractive architectural design being implemented by the company coupled with excellent healthcare for the customers. To make things better, the presence of highly trained staff means good services. Some of these staff include drivers whose job is to take the patients wherever they wish. The facilities of this institution have been designed to promote safety and privacy for the patients. It’s the model of the hospital to give every patient undivided attention. Talking about the architectural work of the hospital, the main mission was to ensure that stretchers can be carried around with ease. It goes without saying that the hospital has seven floors and each room has its make and design. However, to achieve all this success, it took the hospital three years to conceptualize what they wanted. The concept of the five-star hospital was brought about by the FIFA 2016 world cup. While the hospital is one of its kind in Rio de Janeiro, there are plans by the D’Or networks that owns the hospital to build hospitals of this kind in other cities. Target cities include Sao Paolo, Brasilia, Belo Horizonte, Salvador, Curitiba as well as Fortaleza and Manaus.

Hospital Copa Star employs the latest technology in its premises. As of today, the hospital has over 500 professionals who have to be trained again after joining the institution. This means that an employee must undergo a mandatory two-month simulation program to understand how things operate within the hospital. Apart from using the latest hospital management systems, the hospital also ensures that all staff can access this system from their tablet. The hospital has spent over $115 million up to date to install the systems in the hospital and also to construct it. The walls of this hospital are fitted with artworks from renowned people. Visit the site to know more.