Doe Deere’s Morning Routine Includes a Lot More than Just Applying Makeup

As the founder of one of today’s cutting edge cosmetic companies, female entrepreneur Doe Deere takes time in the morning to always put her best face forward. Her personal beauty routine includes getting a full nine hours of sleep every night. She attributes her clear skin to being well rested. In addition to getting enough rest, Ms. Deere also believes it is important to keep her skin hydrated. Before having breakfast she always starts her day by drinking a full glass of water. She feels hydration is especially important in the climate she lives in, which is very dry.


As the CEO of a company that is continually expanding, Doe Deere also incorporates stretching exercises into her morning routine to ensure she is fully alert and prepared for her day. Using exercises such as the cat or camel stretch helps keep her back loose and limber so she feels ready to handle whatever arises during her work day. After stretching she moves on to making herself a healthy breakfast. One of her favorite cereals is grits, which she usually has along with some fresh fruit and orange juice. Ms. Deere prefers drinking freshly squeezed juice, which she prepares using oranges from her own trees.


The Benefits of Good Cleansing and Proper Makeup


Since the philosophy behind Doe Deere’s cosmetic company is based on providing women with alternative solutions to products that basically covered up their features, it is no wonder that Doe places a high degree of importance on a good cleansing routine. She uses a mild face wash to cleanse her face before applying a skin hydrating moisturizer. Once her face has been thoroughly cleansed she is ready to start applying her morning makeup. The first item she applies is foundation. Since her company Lime Crime does not currently offer a foundation product, she does use one from a different makeup manufacturer. She chooses to go with a true match skin tone product to help create a more natural look. The foundation also creates a matte appearance on her skin, which is enhanced further with the addition of some light powder.


Doe chooses the colors for her lips from the wide assortment of shades available from her company. For her everyday look she generally chooses red or pink shades for both her lips and cheeks. She favors the Pink Velvet, Rustic or Red Velvet shades found in Lime Crime’s line of Matte Velvetines. Depending on her particular mood and what type of look she is trying to create, her morning makeup routine could take as little as 15 minutes or as long as an hour.


The final step in Doe Deere’s morning beauty routine is styling her hair. Since she takes her showers at night she never has to wait for her hair to dry in the morning. She prefers using a curling iron to create the sumptuous waves she is known for. She also prefers wearing her hair down to show off the various creative colors she uses to highlight it.


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