Brian Torchin’s Social Media Accounts

The Managing Partner at Healthcare Recruitment Counselors, Brian Torchin,recruits heavily on his social media sites.

He is extremely active on them therefore finding his Facebook and Twitter account was not a challenging task. During regular business hours, he spends most of his mornings and some afternoons, posting open positions to his Facebook and Twitter sites.

Chiropractors are the most interested in browsing through Brian Torchin’s Facebook page. Most of his advertisement is for available chiropractor positions throughout the nation. He does recruit for other positions within the healthcare field such as Medical Directors, Nurse Practitioner, Physical Therapist and Physician Assistant but those are posted far in between.

Glassdoor reveals that Brian Torchin’s Facebook site is a personal account versus a business account. The ability to request him as a friend is available but unfortunately, Facebook does not permit for personal accounts to be reviewed, leaving his potential clients without an idea of his work ethics. His followers do not leave any comments behind either.

He does include several links to websites with additional information about him and his company as well. What is visible on his Facebook page is some brief background information for Brian Torchin. He is from Plainview, New York where he attended the Old Bethpage/JFK High School, he later attended the University of Delaware and is currently living in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

On Brian Torchin’s Twitter page, he also does some intensive recruiting for the same medical positions as on his Facebook page. Learn more about Brian Torchin: and

It is obvious that he posts the same material on both sites at the same times. Unlike his Facebook page, on his Twitter page he promotes his business. He ask for those in need of healthcare professionals, to please contact Healthcare Recruitment Counselors by phone and the phone number is listed.

As a partner of Healthcare Recruitment Counselors, it is of his advantage to not only place people to work but also to find healthcare business owners that are in need of his services.

Based on Brian Torchin’s dedication to his social media accounts, it is relevant to conclude that it is his most effective recruitment strategy.

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  1. No doubt the effectiveness of social media cannot be over emphasize as Brain Torchin active page has provided employment to many. As an active social media user, Brain spends more time posting positions. This has shown the power of social media as a tool that can be used for vast purposes. That is why has given a fantastic review about Brain who effective recruitment strategy has been his dedication to his social media accounts. Indeed, social media has become a powerful tool used to accomplish tasks and get things done and not only, to meet new acquintance for just friendship.

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