Sweetgreen and Nathaniel Ru: A Match Made in Food Heaven

Nathaniel Ru is one of the leading founders of the high end, fast food salad company named Sweetgreen. Sweetgreen has over 40 locations spread throughout the country, largely focused in the Northeast in places like Boston and New York.

Sweetgreen was an idea that was dreamed up by three students at Georgetown who saw an opening in the market for a place to eat that was both delicious and affordable as well as healthy.

The concept may not seem as feasible as you would expect and that was precisely the motivation that they used in order to succeed.

Sweetgreen is all about being more than what they should be at face value. A restaurant has a certain level of clout within a community but the Sweetgreen founders wanted to be more than that. They wanted to offer locals the full Sweetgreen experience by becoming part of the community that they were located in.

This is a huge underlying theme for the Sweetgreen movement. Nathaniel Ru doesn’t believe in large corporate headquarters. He doesn’t believe in segregating the higher ups from the rest of the business. Everything is one and that is how Sweetgreen has operated over the past decade.

For Nathaniel Ru there has been a very clear path to success and it has all been in how they perceive the work being done at Sweetgreen. Ru says, “We’re creating a brand that stands for something.” Ru’s mission has always been to elevate his concept until it is a restaurant with a legacy and that has so far been happening.

The chain of course had some early help from bigger investors like Daniel Boulud, Danny Meyer and Steve Case but it wasn’t all their help that made it happen. A big reason for Sweetgreen’s continued success is Ru and co-founders Jonthan Neman and Nicolas Jammet’s focus on technology and embracing the turning of time. Learn more about Nathaniel Ru: https://angel.co/nathaniel-ru and https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VnQ9aK4ZmFA

A surprising amount of Sweetgreen orders are placed on the internet or via a digital application before they ever step foot within the store.

Nearly 30% of orders are made before customers ever arrive. Being recent graduates from Georgetown University, Ru and his co-CEOs knew that they could lean on technology in ways that older restaurants never had the chance to.

Ru says, “Technology has always been part of our DNA.” Ru’s outlook on Sweetgreen combined with his hands on work ethic makes it seem like the company is primed for huge future growth.