Paul Mampilly Is A Scion Of Business And Entrepreneurship

The story of Paul Mampilly is inspirational to most prospects. The business professional risked his resources to invest in viable dockets that he did not know would shape up. What began as a small dream is now success.

Paul has been on the road for too long. He understands how resilience works in business and entrepreneurship. Mampilly has worked in many firms. His duties have spoken well of his perfection and determination to give the best in service delivery. Mampilly was a manager of a hedge fund. He has been awarded several times. These awards speak about his performance.

The Development of His Career

Paul Mampilly is visionary and focused. Over the many years he has been in business, he worked in investment firms. That is how he landed the Templeton Foundation award. He had invested in a business that earned him massive profits and the recognition. Viewers have spoken well of his focus and intentions to drive the business world to a revolutionary level. He has been featured by CNBC, Bloomberg Television and other famous stations. This is an indication that Mampilly is going places. His track record offers an impressive touch of focus and determination.

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Mampilly has been instrumental in business and finance. He founded Profits Unlimited. This company helps investors to make viable decisions concerning putting resources in business. As he worked at Profits Unlimited, he is the lead decision maker and is focused on bettering other’s businesses. Mampilly is a mentor. He is determined to offer business professionals the best advice that can see them through other businesses. He assists investors to make viable decisions especially when dealing with stock markets. Paul is good at predicting the future of stock markets. He can tell when it is safe to be putting money in the dockets. He can also predict when a business professional should step away from the market.


Mampilly has vast experience when it comes to business. He has been here for 25 years. He left India as a child. He was convinced that there is something for him in the world. That marked the onset of his success. Mampilly used the little resources he had to build an empire. In 1991, he worked for Deutsche Bank. He has been handling huge accounts and has been focusing on developing his colleagues as well. Mampilly is known for his passion to build businesses. He focuses on the future instead of the present. He boasts of the possibilities of making it in business.

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How Vijay Eswaran is Changing the World Through his Charitable Efforts and Network Marketing

In a recent article, network marketer Vijay Eswaran told a wonderful story about the best commission he ever received. It was from an old lady that he had helped. However, she did not have any money to give him so she offered him a bag of home grown vegetables she grew in her own garden. He said it was the best reward he could have ever received for his services.

Vijay is known across the world as one of the best network marketers and entrepreneurs in the business and this reputation has been well earned. His story is remarkable.

Entreprenuer revealed that Vijay Eswaran went from a cab driver that was working to put himself through school to a global success who has helped thousands of people with his programs and is now worth an estimated $550 million in revenue.

His network marketing company called the QI Group was founded in the late 1990s and has grown from an Asian based startup to a global phenomenon that has offices in 10 Asian countries. Among the offerings of the QI group is provisions provided by subsidiaries that offer products in the luxury market, wellness, media and travel. Learn more about Vijay Eswaran:

While the success of the QI Group can’t be overstated, one interesting, it can’t be overstated how much Vijay and the philanthropic arm of what he does has impacted. Surely it can be said that by helping other people achieve financial independence and wealth, Vijay has always been in the philanthropy sector of business.

However, he focuses on impacting the lives of more people through his charitable works. He is passionate about the “you get what you give” philosophy in all aspects of his life and teaches that method first and foremost in everything he does. Read more: Vijay Eswaran – Philanthropies

Among his charitable endeavors is a foundation that supports the arts, environmental conservation, education and sustainable community development. The philanthropy currently is supporting over 1,200 students on scholarships and are building a massive educational campus where students can live on campus to receive a better education.

The campus currently has a budget of around $1.2 billion dollars, will include a full teaching hospital on premise, and will span 26 acres.

Mike Baur’s Impact On Young Digital Startups

Mike entrepreneurial journey started in 2014 at the age of 39 when he together with his two partners founded the Swiss start up a factory. He spent almost the last 20 years in the Swiss private banking. Having worked for some banks like Clariden and Sallfort, Mike started from the bottom as a commercial apprentice at UBS and made his way up the ranks of a large Swiss private bank as an executive board member. His passion for banking and finance started in his early teenage hood days back in his hometown Fribourg Switzerland. It did not come as a surprise when he decided to pursue his passion. Mike is an MBA holder from the University of Rochester and an executive MBA holder from the University of Bern.


The Swiss start up a factory based in Zurich-Switzerland. It aims to support and identify young digital entrepreneurs whose ideas hold water. The Swiss startup company holds a three months program start-ups take through a series of coaching and mentorship. The areas emphasized in this program are entrepreneurial, networking, finance, investor networking, and office space.


The structured accelerator program aims to create a growing, innovative power in the digital technology startups by the young entrepreneurs, to enable them to compete on a global scale. For the duration of the program, the startups are taken through speed and later tested to make sure that they can develop a selling idea pitchable to potential investors. Mike and his partners have created a great opportunity through the Swiss Startup Factory for young ambitious and innovative people who are eager to change the world with their innovations and ideas. An extraordinary number of innovations and ideas have come to life through this program.


Mike Baur remains very passionate about the young people. He spends a significant deal of his time mentoring and supporting youth entrepreneurship through the Swiss Startup Factory. Mike Baur exudes qualities of a hard worker who has pursued his passion persistently and consistently. His preference to personally interact with the young entrepreneurs to ensure meeting their goals is the epitome of a passionate mentor who is ready to push young startups in becoming the best that they can be. The 42-year-old substantially find excitement in the topics of deep learning as well as virtual and augmented reality. He believes that these subjects are will significantly impact and change the world soon, and I could not agree more.


Betsy DeVos Approaching Philanthropy from a Family Perspective

We may recognize Betsy DeVos because of the role as the Secretary of Education in the US, a title held for less than a year. Betsy DeVos is also a mother of four and grandmother to five. Motherhood inspired Betsy to advocate for better in the education sector and overall change in the community.


Betsy learned about the challenges parents endure trying to provide the best education while visiting Potter House School. Aware of the depths low-income parents have to go to afford the best school, Betsy resolved to seek equal outcomes for all. Underprivileged children had a right to access the same opportunities as all the others. Betsy then started initiatives that could improve the situation including providing scholarships.


A strong believer in personal philosophies, Betsy began influencing others to be part of the reforms in the education sector. Fruits of Betsy’s advocacy started manifesting after the inaugural charter school in Michigan was approved in 1993. In 2000, amendments to the constitution to cater for tax-funded vouchers sponsored by Betsy was unsuccessful. The rejection ignited the passion for change. Betsy shifted strategy to advocate for inclusion of the vouchers to other states. Currently, about twenty-four states plus the District of Columbia have implemented the vouchers in some form. The vouchers intend to provide parents and students more choices. Betsy DeVos also initiated the push for expansion of charter schools.


Between1989 to 2015, Betsy, through the Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation invested 138.7 million dollars in community initiatives in arts and culture, health and social services, leadership programs, churches, and scholarships and education reforms for private schools. In 2015 alone, the foundation spent 11.6 million dollars in donations. Education accounts for 26% of all 2015 donations. Arts and culture make up 22% of all the donations while percentages allocated to leadership and development, community, health and social services and churches are 13%, 16%, 5% and 4% of all the donations.


In 2013, the Dick and Betsy foundation donated $ 1.016 million to education. The breakdown per institution is; $ 50,000 to the Compass College of Cinematic Arts in Grand Pricks, $ 200,000 to Northwood University, $315,000 to Michigan Aviation Academy, $100,000 to Ferris State University in Big Rapids, $ 301,000 to Potter’s House in Wyoming and $50,000 to Rehoboth Christian School.


In 2006, Betsy and Dick donated 12.5 million to the construction of the Grand Rapids Spectrum Health Systems children hospital named after Helen DeVos. The children hospital made services accessible for parents who previously had to go all the way to Mayo, Ann Arbor or Chicago.


The family institution plays an integral role in Betsy’s philanthropic works. Other than the children, the extended DeVos family also motivate pursuits greatness for all. Betsy is intentional about involving the immediate family in decisions and charities.


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