Training Future Leaders in Pheonix: The Center For Neighborhood Leadership

The Center for Neighborhood Leadership is an organization that was founded in 2014, and serves the Pheonix, Arizona area. The Center for Neighborhood Leadership works with people who want to help their communities, by giving them leadership training in the form of mentoring, classes, or cause-specific workshops.

This gives people who may otherwise stay quiet a way to speak out and initiate the positive changes that they wish to see occur. Leadership training is a valuable asset. When a person wants to make a change, they may not know how to go about it. Read more: Phoenix New Time

Leadership training can teach an individual how to organize their time and resources, understand the existing community structure and policies, and motivate others in order to start grass roots movements. The strategies taught focus on nonviolent methods of causing social change while staying positive, respectful, and aware.

Center for Neighborhood Leadership believes that individuals are the ones who can effect change on a larger scale. Key players within a community can link together and form a network that will uplift a community as a whole. The Center is involved in many projects. One, called Ignite, motivates high school students to get involved in lowering the rates of students that go from high school to prison.

The Ignite project calls people to re-think public educations so that it will change the trajectory that many students of color face, statistically, of ending up in prison. This initiative calls for a re-investment in public school education. Learn more about Jim Larkin: and

Another project that the Center is currently involved in is called “Alas” which stands for Academic Leadership Accelerator for Service, and is aimed at supplying students in the Pheonix area with the resources that they need for success.

The Alas project helps students succeed in school, prepare for college, stay interested in learning, and get on track to become the future community leaders that are so desperately needed.

The Center for Neighborhood Leadership is funded by individuals and foundations alike. one such foundation is the Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund. This fund was started up by two journalists, Mike Lacey and Jim Larkin. These two men were arrested for publishing an article in the Pheonix New Times regarding mismanagement at the local Sheriffs office.

Instead of respecting freedom of speech, the local authorities arrested these two reporters. There was national outcry, and they were soon released. The resulting settlement for the unlawful detainment of the two was 3.7 million dollars. Lacey and Larkin put this into the Frontera Fund and began funding civil, human and migrant rights movements.

Mike Lacey is originally from New Jersey, but moved to Arizona in order to attend Arizona State University. He actually dropped out in order to focus on publishing a newspaper that he started, the Pheonix New Times.

He decided to start the paper because he saw that the anti-war protests going on across the Arizona State campus at that time were being unjustly portrayed in the papers that existed. He noticed that the existing papers were ultra-conservative, and he wanted to give readers an alternative perspective on events.

Mike Lacey partnered with Jim Larkin, who was able to manage the financial aspect of running the paper.

Orange Coast College Rowers: The Heart of a Champion

It has been said that competitive rowing is one of the few purely amateur sports left. In order to do it well, it takes a ballet of sweat, determination, power, grace, unity and adrenaline. At the Orange Coast College, this competitive fervor is alive and well as they are going for their 12th national title.

Indeed, one of the current rowing members showed his grit and determination as he shouted, “2017 nationals, yeah!” This is they type of attitude that permeates the campus of Orange Coast College. The nine souls on any rowing team must all act as one, otherwise they will falter. It is through this coordinated action that they not only compete for championships, but some say they even approach the divine.

Daniel Amado is another member of the rowing team who takes pride in their accomplishments. He noted how competitive rowing gives people the strength to bounce back from adversity. The same kind of strength that would compel the small-but-legendary Orange Coast College rowing team to continually be the underdog yet come out on top more often than not. Learn more about Orange Cost College:

The coaches associated with the men’s rowing team realize there are many critical aspects to their continued success. They realize that precision for the rowing is crucial.

As one coach said, if the young men are even off by a hair it can be the difference between a winning campaign and a bitter defeat. In a lot of ways, the men’s rowing team at Orange Coast is a microcosm for life. It is only attention to detail that sets the losers apart from the winners.

And even though the rowing team is obviously the most famous part of the college, there are many other departments in this small California school that share the same sentiment. There are individuals all across the state who realize the reputation this school in Costa Mesa has earned, and not just in competitive rowing. Read more: Orange Coast College Reviews | Glassdoor

The proud tradition will continue throughout the school, and those who graduate from it know that their work obtaining their degree from Orange Coast was truly something to be proud of.

Doe Deere, Beauty with Brains

Doe Deere is a beauty fanatic who established the beauty brand, Lime Cream. Doe Deere follows a specific daily routine. Typically, she wakes up at 8.30 a.m, after a strict 9 hours nap which she considers to be her ideal resting period. Her day starts off with a full glass of water to keep herself awake and hydrated. After this, she takes her breakfast which consists of grits, fresh juice, and fruits before embarking on the day’s tasks.


She proceeds to explain how she keeps herself updated using her phone. Checking her phone regularly helps her to stay in touch with her team and also to respond to emails throughout the day. Deere adds that during her makeup session, she likes to listen to her preferred music, her favorite being The Beatles.


Deere’s make up line, located in Los Angeles, California, has found its recognition among women who beat all odds to live unapologetically. The best part about her creations is that all the products she comes up with are self-tested by herself. Doe’s biggest success has been coming up with a transfer-proof liquid lipstick that doesn’t crumble. She says that it wasn’t just a walk in the park, but rather, it took several months in the chemist to come up with the ultimate product.



Doe uses Glossier for her face wash, but she has first to apply a moisturizer before any makeup. She then applies foundation then powder before filling her brows. Deere later concludes by saying that her makeup time could be approximately 15 minutes to an hour; depending on the amount of time that she can dedicate to applying makeup on a particular day.


Doe started her makeup career in 2004. She wanted to create her own unique brand of quality products. Realizing that bright and unusual colors were not easy to find, she was inspired to begin the Lime Crime. In 2004, the company’s website was hacked, and customer details were stolen, forcing her to establish her client’s trust on the product again. This incident was a blessing in disguise because it made Doe to became extra careful and ensured that her customers were enlightened. She also hired extra customer care assistance to provide excellent services that client’s of Lime Crime currently enjoy.


Deere looks up to Kimberly Gordon. She says that she can relate to Kimberly’s passion and dedication, and besides, both their products having a similar recipient target. Doe is a perfect example of women who inspire others to work persistently despite all odds and excel even when faced with challenges.


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Four Decades Of Success For Alexandre Gama

In recent years, Alexandre Gama has found a major level of success as a guardian of traditional Brazilian music and as a financial supporter of the Briggs Automotive Company in the U.K.; without the work Alexandre Gama completed as an advertising executive these other ventures would not have been possible as four decades of success have brought Gama to this level. From his home nation of Brazil to the French Riviera based festival of Cannes the name Alexandre Gama is now seen as a standard for success and achievement across the planet.

The career of Alexandre Gama began in 1982 when he took up a writer role at the respected advertising agency Standard & Ogilvy that has been the launching pad for many of the most successful advertising careers in Brazil. Alexandre Gama has always been a magnet for some of the most impressive awards on offer throughout the Brazilian and global marketing and communications industry; after branching out on his own as the founder of the Neogama advertising agency, Gama continued his run of success that brought him awards at various festivals and industry awards shows.

After the launch of Neogama in 1999, Alexandre Gama continued his success with a partnership between his own agency and that of the London based BBH agency that saw the Rio de Janeiro native become the global Chief Creative Officer for the company at its London base. Even after the recent decision to once again take Neogama in an independent direction, Alexandre Gama has seen his own personal success continue with his appointment to the global creative board of Publicis Groupe that is seen as a sign of achieving a worldwide reputation as an industry leader in the creative arts.

Cotemar Has Innovative Solutions for Oil Drilling

Cotemar is so much more than a basic oil drilling company. They have offshore operations and provide their oil to people all around Mexico. With the operations that they have, they are able to get everything that they need from different situations and make sure that they are providing people with all of the options that they need. Depending on the different aspects of the company, Cotemar is able to make sure that everyone can get what they need out of the oil drilling process. They also work to make sure that their operations are always done with the most advanced procedures possible.


When Cotemar first started, they wanted to make sure that they were different from all of the other oil drilling companies. For them, it meant that they would be able to provide people with all of the options that they needed. They also wanted to have a support system for their oil drilling rigs. Their maritime services include positioning vessels, firefighting boats and even barges that are able to haul tons of pounds of heavy materials away from the place where they are doing the drilling. It is something that has set them apart from other companies.


When it comes to their employees, Cotemar makes sure that they are well taken care of. They provide them with great amenities and food services. Employees have bunks that are taken care of by house keepers. They also have laundry services that are right there on the ship. Cotemar makes sure that employees are able to get the food that they need by providing a premium kitchen to everyone who is working on the ships. The food that is served is fresh and has many different options so that employees will never get bored of what is available to them.


Along with the amenities and maritime bargest that Cotemar has, the company also utilizes ships that are created specifically for oil drilling operations. They are able to use ships that will help them maintain the rigs. They can also use ships that are great for constructing the new rigs and providing the support that each of the oil rigs need. Cotemar does what they can to make sure that their oil rigs are able to continue to operate. They also constantly update them so that they are using the latest technology available. Doing this ensures that the oil rigs are functioning in the way that they should.


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Fabletics’ Strategies is Gradually Breaking Amazon’s Formidable Hold on Fashion E-Commerce Market

The current phenomenal growth of Hudson’s Fabletics, aside from creating an enviable place for the company in the fashion e-commerce market, is gradually breaking the long-held Amazon’s control of total market demands. In just 3 years, Fabletics amassed an astonishing $250 million with additional increase in the numbers of its physical stores.


Feats such as these do not come by chance. The company took out time and invested resources in repositioning itself through proven strategies that include the reverse show-rooming business tactical approach.


The idea of reverse show-rooming came up as a corrective measure to the shortcomings of the business strategy known as show-rooming. Many businesses had to call it quit because their offline stores were only display stands where customers visited to know which items to buy, but end up making purchases from online competitors offering same items at lower prices.


When stores, in such situations, do not make enough sales, how then can they continue in business? This is what gave birth to the idea of reverse show-rooming, i.e., getting customers to do their window shopping online and do actual purchasing in the physical stores. Most business firms and individuals understand this analogy, but making it real in business is where the job lies. Fabletics thus deserves some credits for showing the world how the idea of reverse show-rooming can be made to work through the use of a membership model built to provide personalize services that offers up-to-the-minute fitness apparels at 50 per cent less than current market prices.


Hudson’s 5- Point Recipe a Successful Brand


Only those who have the proofs deserve audience, and Hudson is one of them. She shares the secrets that helped her built up her amazing brand.

  1. Develop the eagle eye to identify marketing opportunities ahead of others. It is always more tasking to come top when everybody is in the know.
  2. Keep abreast of the slightest changes in business patronage. Sometimes, what will give you the advantage over others does not make much noise. If a particular brand of apparel fails to attract demand, take it off and ask why? You improve that way.
  3. Make decisions base on big data. Hudson often counts on aggregate information from New Members Quick Quiz in deciding the fashion trend for upcoming months.
  4. Do not lose touch with those things that keep you inspired. Just as punctuality, inspiration is also the soul of business because there is a whole lot of stress out there.
  5. Always know that you have all it takes to make it, and never be scared of taking risks. You are not living if you cannot work to make your passion real.




Fabletics is one of the fastest growing fitness apparel companies in the world. Its phenomenal growth rate in the last three years took the Fashion E-Commerce Market by surprise. Kate Hudson, the owner, deserves much of the credits. Also, her management team should not be left behind. They came up with novel strategies that has help positioned the company among the elite firms in the industry. To be precise, the company’s membership model approach is at the core of the rejuvenation witness so far.


Fabletics, in implementing the membership model, provides its customers with personalized services rare to come by. The company is able to know the tastes and preferences of customers and sometimes surpasses their expectations through the New Member Quick Quiz taken by customers from the outset.


Questions bordering on the activities you enjoy, the workouts you often do and the styles of outfits you usually wear come up in the quiz. This helps the company suggest personalize outfits to customers at highly reduced price monthly. You will be missing out of a whole lots of benefits if you patronize Fabletics without having taken the new member quick quiz. It is not too late to get it done today.

Weekend #workout plan inspired by @gingerressler's high-power moves ????

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Brad Reifler Informs Investors to Become Mindful of Why They are Investing

Brad Reifler knows much about the process of investing better than the average investor. He should. After all, he is the founder of Forefront Capital, and he knows what one needs to do in order to make better decisions when it comes to investing.

Brad Reifler isn’t trying to make the world see everything his way, but he does know that there are a great amount of investment options available that people are overlooking. He realizes that there are so many small steps that investors can take that will improve upon their investment portfolios. It just takes time, and it takes effort from the investor.

Many investors want the rewards that come with investing, but few are willing to take the time to do the work. That is the problem that many people encounter when they sign up for a 401K plan or get into stocks. Successful investing is not something that can be put on auto pilot.

To the contrary, successful investors are going to be the ones that have created a true strategy to building wealth. Brad Reifler recommends that people wrap their minds around the fact that investing is work. Learn more about Brad Reifler:

They need to know why they are investing. They need to know how much they want to save. These are things that are going to play an intricate part in the success of the investment. The people that cannot process why they are putting money forth will not have a strong desire to save for their long term goals.

According to Crunchbase, Brad Reifler also makes a recommendation for the investors that are trying to diversify. He tells them not to put all of their money into stocks. There are hedge funds to consider. There are annuities.

So many things are available for people that want to build a bulletproof portfolio. It is not something that can happen overnight, but the process of building a better investment is possible when investors gain knowledge.

They can only gain knowledge when they know why they are investing. The smart investor is going to diversify and make some realistic long term goals.

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How the Copa Star Hospital is Killing Competition

Not good things come from hospitals. This might be the reason why people tend to forget the times they visited a hospital. This is unlike time spent in a five-star hotel. These are moments you cherish and wish to relive again. Despite the bad attitude associated with hospitals, there is a hospital in Brazil called Copa Star Hospital that is out there to change the view of hospitals. The Copa Star is achieving this by establishing five-star services and facilities into its premises. This means that it will become the first five-star hospital in Brazil. During the initial stages, the hospital has realized remarkable success winning the hearts of the locals and patients from the surrounding countries such as Peru, Colombia, Chile, Venezuela, and Bolivia. If the hospital has won over international market, you can understand the competition that exists in the local market.


But what makes the hospital a unique one of its kind? Well, it’s the attractive architectural design being implemented by the company coupled with excellent healthcare for the customers. To make things better, the presence of highly trained staff means good services. Some of these staff include drivers whose job is to take the patients wherever they wish. The facilities of this institution have been designed to promote safety and privacy for the patients. It’s the model of the hospital to give every patient undivided attention. Talking about the architectural work of the hospital, the main mission was to ensure that stretchers can be carried around with ease. It goes without saying that the hospital has seven floors and each room has its make and design. However, to achieve all this success, it took the hospital three years to conceptualize what they wanted. The concept of the five-star hospital was brought about by the FIFA 2016 world cup. While the hospital is one of its kind in Rio de Janeiro, there are plans by the D’Or networks that owns the hospital to build hospitals of this kind in other cities. Target cities include Sao Paolo, Brasilia, Belo Horizonte, Salvador, Curitiba as well as Fortaleza and Manaus.

Hospital Copa Star employs the latest technology in its premises. As of today, the hospital has over 500 professionals who have to be trained again after joining the institution. This means that an employee must undergo a mandatory two-month simulation program to understand how things operate within the hospital. Apart from using the latest hospital management systems, the hospital also ensures that all staff can access this system from their tablet. The hospital has spent over $115 million up to date to install the systems in the hospital and also to construct it. The walls of this hospital are fitted with artworks from renowned people. Visit the site to know more.

Betsy DeVos, Leader in Reforming Education

Betsy DeVos got her passion for being a reformer at an early age. She got involved with politics on campus and from that point on she continued with politics. She has run various campaigns and was chairman for 6 years of the Michigan Republican Party. Betsy DeVos and her husband, Dick, started the firm, Windquest Group in 1989. She is a reformer and is actively involved in education reform.

There are over 250,000 students that go to publicly funded, private programs of their parents choosing. This movement is continuing to grow as it has reached 17 states and the District of Columbia. What sparked Betsy DeVos attention to school reform was when she had small children. At the Potter’s House Christian School, she and her husband watched how parents struggled to keep their children at the school so that they had a safe place to learn and had an environment that kept them involved. It wasn’t long after that when she and her husband began to help low income families. Both she and her husband felt that if they could decide where their children went to school that everyone else despite their financial status could do the same.


Betsy and Dick DeVos’ commitment to school reform came when Dick ran for the position of State Board of Education. Betsy Devos decided then to start a foundation which helps lower income families with scholarships. She actively served on several boards, Children First America and the American Education Reform because the programs wanted to expand the decision of educational choice. She and Dick were involved with the first charter school bill that came to be in 1993. They were unsuccessful in the year 2000 in changing the state’s decision to allow vouchers and scholarships.

Their biggest success was in the state of Florida. This state has the longest time frame in educational choice. Over 50,000 students are attending a school that their family chose. There have also been vast improvements in the state of Indiana and Louisiana. With the program that the states passed, it has the grounds to serve one million students. Betsy stated that with the right people in office this program can be successful from the start of passing the bill until the end where student’s families help them chose a school of their choice. Visit Betsy’s profile page on

Betsy DeVos was handpicked by the President, Donald J. Trump to serve on the 11th U.S. secretary of education. For nearly three decades she has been advocating for children that come from low income families. Her interest stems back to her mother, who was a public school educator. And once her children started going to school, she got more actively involved in reforming education. The premise of her position as Secretary of Education is working with the President to expand opportunities and the best education for all students.

Penelope Kokkinides and Rick Shinto: Guiding InnovaCare Health to Operation Success

One of the fundamental pillars of success in any organization is effective leadership. Over the years, InnovaCare Health Solutions excelled in identifying talented individuals, which it has incorporated into its leadership structure with significant success. One such leader, Richard Shinto who is the current chief executive officer of the company, has played an integral role in the management’s success in steering the company towards operational and financial success.

Before being appointed as the chief executive officer, director and president at InnovaCare Health Solutions, Richard ‘Rick’ Shinto served in several executive positions in various companies. With over 20 years of experience in the industry, Rick Shinto successfully served as the chief executive officer of PMC Medicare Choice. He also held the same position at MMM Healthcare. He previously worked at California-based company, NAMM as a chief medical officer. He was also hired by Medical Pathways Management Company as a chief medical officer but also doubled up as the company’s chief operations officer. Upon joining InnovaCare, Mr. Shinto has overseen significant success at company including expanding the company’s program membership from 7,500 and 200,000. The award-winning executive also has a keen eye for talents, which has seen him hire some of the best talents for the company including Penelope Kokkinides: a two-decade industry veteran. He holds a Master’s of Business Administration degree from University of Redlands, a Doctor of Medicine degree from the State University of New York and a Bachelor of Science degree from University of California, Irvine.

Penelope Kokkinides is a visionary and talented company executive whose ambition has seen her rise through ranks in the industry to become one of the well recognized names in the industry. Currently serving as InnovaCare’s chief administration officer, Ms. Kokkinides has worked at Touchstone Health as the company’s chief operations officer, a position she held at Centerlight Healthcare where she also doubled up as the vice president. As a corporate vice president at AmeriChoice, Kokkinides was tasked with heading the company’s Care and Disease Management dockets. She successfully remodeled the company’s operations. Mr. Shinto and Ms. Kokkinides have coordinated their duties to propel the company’s various healthcare solution programs including Medicare and Medicaid to greater success through increased subscriptions. Visit for more info on Penelope Kokkinides.

InnovaCare Health Solutions: Towards Greater Success

Headquartered in Fort Lee, New Jersey, InnovaCare Health Solutions is a market leader when it comes to provision managed healthcare solutions. The company offers its over 200,000 clients who have subscribed to its services some of the best Medicaid and Medicare services in the larger Northern American region. The company offers high quality and innovative patient-centered healthcare solutions that are aimed at meeting the ever changing and complex medical needs of their clients.

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