Orange Coast College Is Constructing A New Planetarium Due To Generous Donations

Excitement is in the air at Orange College due to the construction in progress for their new planetarium. The funding for the project received a substantial boost when one of their previous teachers donated $1 million.

Mary McChesney’s generosity allows for a Foucault pendulum so the Earth’s rotation can be demonstrated. Since this will be the only pendulum of this type in the area Orange Coast College is looking forward to the scientific studies that will now be possible.

According to Mary McChesney her advanced age has not dimmed her love for the Orange Coast College and she wanted to help them achieve a future filled with excitement.

She made her donation in memory of her partner Adelyn Bonin who taught German at the college until her retirement in 1983. Ms. McChesney stated that half of the donation belonged to her partner and she was certain she was watching and smiling in approval.

Mary McChesney was an instructor in Spanish and English for 33 years and continued to contribute to the college after retirement. Although there were rumors of her upcoming donation the generous amount was a surprise for the college.

The new planetarium was officially underway in 2016 and the older version from the 1950’s was demolished. Technology dictated the college was in need of a new planetarium.

There will be adequate seating for 129 as well as an exhibit hall. The project has a projected cost of $20 million and should be completed in time for the fall semester in 2018.

The campus of Orange Coast College in Costa Mesa covers 164 acres and is close to the lovely beaches of Southern California. The college began educating students in 1948 and is considered one of the best community colleges in Orange County.

Every semester 25,000 students walk through the doors to receive their educations. The facilities at Orange Coast College are excellent and they offer the latest available in technology.

They have a total of 135 programs for career and academics including an advanced nautical program. Almost half of the students attending the college enroll in one of these programs.

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Orange Coast College Rowers: The Heart of a Champion

It has been said that competitive rowing is one of the few purely amateur sports left. In order to do it well, it takes a ballet of sweat, determination, power, grace, unity and adrenaline. At the Orange Coast College, this competitive fervor is alive and well as they are going for their 12th national title.

Indeed, one of the current rowing members showed his grit and determination as he shouted, “2017 nationals, yeah!” This is they type of attitude that permeates the campus of Orange Coast College. The nine souls on any rowing team must all act as one, otherwise they will falter. It is through this coordinated action that they not only compete for championships, but some say they even approach the divine.

Daniel Amado is another member of the rowing team who takes pride in their accomplishments. He noted how competitive rowing gives people the strength to bounce back from adversity. The same kind of strength that would compel the small-but-legendary Orange Coast College rowing team to continually be the underdog yet come out on top more often than not. Learn more about Orange Cost College:

The coaches associated with the men’s rowing team realize there are many critical aspects to their continued success. They realize that precision for the rowing is crucial.

As one coach said, if the young men are even off by a hair it can be the difference between a winning campaign and a bitter defeat. In a lot of ways, the men’s rowing team at Orange Coast is a microcosm for life. It is only attention to detail that sets the losers apart from the winners.

And even though the rowing team is obviously the most famous part of the college, there are many other departments in this small California school that share the same sentiment. There are individuals all across the state who realize the reputation this school in Costa Mesa has earned, and not just in competitive rowing. Read more: Orange Coast College Reviews | Glassdoor

The proud tradition will continue throughout the school, and those who graduate from it know that their work obtaining their degree from Orange Coast was truly something to be proud of.