Thor Halvorssen is Working to Give A Voice to Those Oppressed And Improsoned

Thor Halvorssen has been fighting for human rights for the majority of his adult life. He and his family have all been activists and his long noteworthy career reflects the struggles of his parents as well as his own. He began fighting for those that needed a voice when his father was captured, tortured, and imprisoned in Venezuela. He was a high-ranking government official at the time, and he discovered and exposed corruption within the government itself. He was then held prisoner until Thor was able to negotiate his release.

Thor’s family has experienced a great deal of opposition from governments that they have spoken out against. Thor’s mother was attending a peaceful protest in Venezuela and was shot and killed by Hugo Chavez’s men. His cousin is also being held prisoner and Thor have been trying to negotiate his release as well but has not yet had any success.

Thor Halvorssen eventually founded the Human Rights Foundation. It is dedicated to helping those that are oppressed by government rule or dictatorships find a voice and some freedom. He has an office based in New York where he coordinates his efforts along with some carefully

hand selected individuals from all over the world that aid in assisting worthy causes and individuals that need their assistance. Thor also is a frequent guest on national news shows as well as a writing for numerous publications. He is sought after for his opinions on a wide variety of topics including the economy and politics. He also hosts an annual Human Rights gathering called the Oslo Freedom Forum.