How Madison Street Capital Lent Its Expertise To The Cybersecurity World

The internet has provided businesses and individuals with access to new markets, new information and new social capital in a way that perhaps no other advancement in human history has been able to before it. While steam engines allowed human beings to move people and goods across great distances and the printing press helped redefine the way that information was distributed across a number of societies, the internet has helped to facilitate communication and connections between humans in vital ways. While the world wide web comes with many benefits some might argue that it also presents some challenges to the people and organizations that need to use it especially where security is concerned. The web provides users with efficiency, access to volumes of information that could likely never be contained in any one library and the chance to connect with like-minded people that they might otherwise never meet. However in exchange for access to these things it also exposes and compromises the privacy and security of sensitive information that belongs to individuals and the organizations that rely on it.


As the web is increasingly integrated into the way that organizations ranging from hospitals, retail stores and nuclear plants work security solutions that protect these organizations’ vulnerable digital assets must also be integrated into their infrastructure. This is where businesses like ARES Security Corporation come into play. In order to protect vital infrastructure and organizations that impact public safety ARES Security Corporation has developed solutions like ASSURE Cyber that help keep companies and public infrastructure safe from outside threats. The company is well-positioned to be a leader in the growing cybersecurity market. When it needed assistance in raising capital it turned to Madison Street Capital, a financial services company that is located in the Mid-West.


Companies like ARES Security Corporation are well-situated to provide services that many companies will be in need of in the coming years as hacking becomes more pervasive and businesses and public organizations alike understand how private information can be used to weaken them. That said when ARES Security Corporation represented a lucrative opportunity for an investor that wanted to have a stake in a company that was a strong player in the world of cybersecurity. Madison Street Capital was able to use its expertise in the area of capital raising to help ARES Security Corporation identify a partner that would understand the company’s needs and be able to offer the financing solution it was looking for. That partner ended up being Corbel Structured Equity Partners. The transaction proved that the Madison Street Capital reputation for brokering effective relationships between businesses is real.


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Madison Street Capital Advice to WLR Automotive Group

Madison Street Capital is a well-known international banking firm for investment which is committed to excellence, leadership, integrity and both private and public held business valuation. The firm advised on leaseback transaction of $13.2 million for WLR Automotive group, which is a detailing, lube, automotive repair and car wash leading company in the tristate region and Maryland. The senior managing director of Madison Street Capital Barry Peterson and the STREAM capital partners managing partner Jonathan Wolfe conducted the transactions.


Randall S Simpson, the CEO and the president of WLR Automotive group, Inc. noted that focusing on the sale –leaseback of their five locations, the transaction made was of great importance because it has given them an opportunity to raise their capital, access the new express car wash market faster and reinvest. Jacquie Jenkins acknowledged Jonathan Wolfe and Barry Peterson for offering great assistance in enabling them to find a perfect model that has helped in positioning them for rapid growth and also options exploring.


He then added that with the transaction, WLR would continue being in this path through expansion of site with the best designs in the market and innovative systems of management. He also said that the completion of the transaction was due to working along Steam Capital team and Jonathan Wolf.


Madison Street Capital is a premier investment banking firm in the middle market worldwide. It has a professional’s team that has exceptional experience, knowledge and extensive relationships contributing to its growth and popularity.


It is a merger and acquisitions and corporate finance leading provider. The firm has a history of excellence in banking in the investment sector. Madison Street Capital reputation is at its pick and the management is keen to keep it this way.Its headquarters are located in Illinois, Chicago. The banking firm of the middle market investment offices is located in North America, Asia, and Africa.Their aim is to cover and offer the financial services to all corners of the globe.To ensure that this goal is achieved, the firm is advancing at a very fast rate incorporating any possible method to scale the financial heights.


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