A Guide to Nationwide Title Clearing in 3 Minutes

Nationwide Title Clearing, Inc. is a Florida-based company that was founded in 1991. It provides the following services.


  • Auditing, investing, residential mortgaging, mortgage lending services in the United States.


  • Documents services such as research service, document retrieval, assignments and lien release.


  • Reports such as job verification, tax reports, claim verification, audit reports, and other reports.


  • Remediation services and other collateral files audit.


  • Others


Although other similar companies are offering the same services, Nationwide Title Clearing has continued to outshine its competitors.


New offices in Dallas


Even though Nationwide Title Clearing (NTC) is still one of the largest provider of post-closing services to investors, financial companies and services, they announced that they would be extending their offices to Dallas, Texas. The office will be state of the art and will be a full disaster recovery center for all data, staffing as well as infrastructure. In fact, Scotty McEntire who is the new chief information security officer will be heading there to lead the new site.


According to the CEO John Hillman, the new facility in Dallas will allow the company to cutover notices without taking time, data loss, possibilities, or staff having to stay working fully. He added that together with the team they are working hard to make sure that their customers will not even notice when anything goes wrong. Their service provision will always be top notch. The new facility will ensure their data is available even when there is a fault with the staff.


The company will also help in dealing with work overflows that might result from much file work, online searches, and changing volumes to accommodate staff because of data entry. This is in addition to business continuity and disaster recovery; more than one hundred and fifty workers will be working in this facility. The company hopes the new office in Dallas will look like the one in Midwest.


For this reason, the company has been recognized for its continued philanthropy involvement, providing a conducive environment for work and much more. They have won many awards for this.


For more information about this great company, visit their website http://www.nwtc.com/ or contact them via a call. Both of them are always operational.