What Everyone Is Saying About Kenneth Goodgame

Kenneth Goodgame is one of the newest members to join the True Value Hardware executive leadership team. Goodgame will replace True Value’s Senior Vice President and Chief Merchandising Officer Mike Clark. The company’s reconfiguration is coming as a result of their major push to rejuvenate their supply chain and bring forth new Destination Hardware stores. But what does Goodgame have to offer?

The answer is a lot. Kenneth Goodgame is a merchandising expert and innovator who has single-handedly proliferated businesses and boosted revenue through the roof. Prior to True Value, Ken served as a General Merchandizing Manager for Ace Hardware.

At Ace, Goodgame’s innovations with the Craftsman line of tools took handheld tool sales from $9 million to $180 million. But, that is not all. Before working for Ace Hardware, Ken worked at Techtronic Industries of North America where he established an amazing turn-around by taking a $2.5 million annual loss and turning it into a $5 million dollar profit. And even before that, he was responsible for growing Newell Rubbermaid to a $490 million value in just 18 months.

Wherever Goodgame has found himself, he has demonstrated an unrelenting commitment to the company he serves. Moreover, he has brought a rare sense of innovation that has allowed his parent companies to effortlessly maneuver through reconfigurations or tough times. As True Value seeks to open more locations through its co-op program, players like Goodgame will need to come up with creative marketing solutions. Goodgame is an established leader, who is likely to avoid common mistakes and money drains which others won’t.

Kenneth Goodgame’s known as being consumer-centric. That means he is always focused on the consumer’s experience. In the past, Ken has focused on marketing such as endcaps, which allow for easily seen displays of products. In this way, he also works well with product developers.

He has repeatedly demonstrated the success of this bottom-up approach to growing sales. For True Value, who will be sinking lots of money into their Destination Hardware stores nationwide, establishing a reliable and long-lasting consumer relationship is key.

Goodgame’s valued input is admired through the consumer hardware industry. He understands the importance of all stages of production and sales. Prior to graduating college with a bachelor’s degree in marketing, he went straight to work for one of the hardware industry’s biggest players, Home Depot.

Nearly 20 years later, he has seen the industry shift this way and that.

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