Four Decades Of Success For Alexandre Gama

In recent years, Alexandre Gama has found a major level of success as a guardian of traditional Brazilian music and as a financial supporter of the Briggs Automotive Company in the U.K.; without the work Alexandre Gama completed as an advertising executive these other ventures would not have been possible as four decades of success have brought Gama to this level. From his home nation of Brazil to the French Riviera based festival of Cannes the name Alexandre Gama is now seen as a standard for success and achievement across the planet.

The career of Alexandre Gama began in 1982 when he took up a writer role at the respected advertising agency Standard & Ogilvy that has been the launching pad for many of the most successful advertising careers in Brazil. Alexandre Gama has always been a magnet for some of the most impressive awards on offer throughout the Brazilian and global marketing and communications industry; after branching out on his own as the founder of the Neogama advertising agency, Gama continued his run of success that brought him awards at various festivals and industry awards shows.

After the launch of Neogama in 1999, Alexandre Gama continued his success with a partnership between his own agency and that of the London based BBH agency that saw the Rio de Janeiro native become the global Chief Creative Officer for the company at its London base. Even after the recent decision to once again take Neogama in an independent direction, Alexandre Gama has seen his own personal success continue with his appointment to the global creative board of Publicis Groupe that is seen as a sign of achieving a worldwide reputation as an industry leader in the creative arts.